Who we are and why
Parashot Studio is a small and low-budget venture into making inspirational and emotional photographs, images and animations. "Para" stands for shots made with no fancy gear porn, but with lots of courage, will and some DIY's.
Even the most mundane object could be pictured in a context that tells a story. It just requires some sort of imagination and a pinch of an unconventional thinking of how we'd like to expose product's or service's key features. As we all live in a highly visually-oriented society, we must constantly develop new ways to make people stop for a while, look at what we have to offer and then make them think: "I didn't know that I couldn't live without it! How come?"
We work for passion. Money comes second. We wouldn't take a dime for a job that didn't spark a fire of creativity at our brains and souls. Moreover, we wouldn't take such a job. Then, if you'd like to create something conceptual, we are here, all happily excited, to make it with you. It'll be a joy for us all.
What we do
studio portrait, beauty, fashion and lifestyle photography
studio and outdoor editorial photography
studio product photography for commercials and pack shots
stop-motion animations
high-end retouching and compositing according to current industry standards
What we use
full-frame DSLRs with lots of megapixels
cropped-sensor DSLRs with not so many megapixels
pretty sharp lenses
good enough studio strobes and speed lights
any studio equipment that can be helpful during shots
just enough imagination and clever thinking to make a good use of all the above

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